Why are Books our Friends?

At all times, the books were special, respectful attitude. They were perceived as a source of wisdom and wealth of knowledge. Exemplary books raised a generation of people. Unfortunately, in modern society, the role of literature is underestimated. There are opinions that the literature has outlived its usefulness as an art form. There is an opinion that reading is successfully replaced by films and television. However, it is impossible to agree with this. Every form of art has the right to exist and its role cannot be underestimated.

Thus, the book serves for two main functions: information and aesthetic. From generation to generation mankind passes the experience of centuries with help of books. Books are a forum for the proclamation of new ideas and world views. Very often people recourse to books and draw from them wisdom, strength and inspiration. Books are able to help us greatly in many difficult situations. Any book contains a universal answer to any question that people subconsciously look for. In order to implement its aesthetic function, literature demonstrates the ideals of beauty and kindness, forms the moral principles. Books develop not only moral ideals, but ideals of appearance and behavior. Heroines and heroes of books have become some kind of a sample for imitating. Their images are taken as a basis for our own behavior. It is important for us to read the right books. During the formation of the person they are able to give us the right orientation.

It is really great to read books. It is pleasant to know that there is such huge variety of them. If you wish you can distinguish three main types of books. Firstly, we should name the outstanding works of brilliant minds of mankind. Secondly, we have to mention different textbooks, manuals, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Finally, but do not take it as the worst variant, books of all kinds and genres of literature for reading at leisure. There is a special charm in books. Books evoke pleasure in us. They talk to us, give us good advices, become our friends. Book is an eternal thinking. If you are reading a book you would never say that you are lonely.

Free Online Books

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